• Beautiful 3 room apartment

    in the heart of the city in the always cozy Haarlemmerstraat in the Jordaan area.

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  • In the “Witte Torens” of Amsterdam

    for rent this luxury apartment.

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  • Characteristic and spacious

    apartments located in Amsterdam on the Wamberg.

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Even in times like these, we are still open and glad to be able to help you find your future home.

This is why landlords and tenants choose The Dutch Realty Agency

Whether you look to find yourself a new home or to offer a property for rent, The Dutch Realty Agency is at your service. The Dutch Realty Agency brings landlords and tenants together, exactly how it should. We grant you access to all main estate rental platforms in the Netherlands.


The Dutch Realty Agency offers a full-service package for the benefit of renters and landlords because we listen to our customers. With over 20 years of experience and knowledge of the housing market, we know how to bring demand and supply together, swiftly and adequately.


To ensure the transparency of the process, we keep both tenants and proprietors informed of all changes through email.

We included several checkpoints to verify either the renter or the landlord throughout the whole process, to prevent deficiencies, and to guarantee a clear process.


Finding or renting a home is usually a time-consuming and costly process. Especially in the current COVID-19 era, having the possibility of enrolling in the process from your own safe surroundings can be soothing. The Dutch Realty Agency guides you every step of the way, secure, fast, and comfortably to successfully rent a pleasant home.

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Whether you want to rent a home or enlist a home you own for rental, The Dutch Realty Agency is the right place for you. Contact us right now to discuss your requirements.

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We have decades of experience in the market and will help you find your perfect place in the Netherlands with an always up to date collection of properties.

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