How it works

For landlords

Homeowners want to rent out their property in a simple and efficient manner. Besides that, earnings and expenses are also quite important.

Simply follow a few secure, easy steps with The Dutch Realty Agency:

  1. When you enlist your property, you select your desired service package. Your choice depends on the documents you can provide for us and which of the requested modifications, improvements, and documents you can and will provide
  2. You can make use of the possibility and consult with The Dutch Realty Agency about the justified price range. We apply a unique algorithm to ensure your home will be rented out within the shortest possible time for a fair price
  3. You will receive an email with every requested tour at your home, to make sure you’re informed. Depending on your selected service package, you can either schedule the tours by yourself or have us plan them for you.
  4. Upon the interest of possible renters, you may receive optional negotiation offers by email. After selecting a suitable tenant, you will automatically receive the complete rental file including rental check, identity check, and a digitally signed rental contract from The Dutch Realty Agency.

Get in contact with us

Whether you want to rent a home or enlist a home you own for rental, The Dutch Realty Agency is the right place for you. Contact us right now to discuss your requirements.

For renters

Homeseekers care to see where available rental homes are situated at first glance. With your computer or tablet you can now easily rent a home in five easy steps:

  1. Schedule a viewing on-site or request a virtual tour
  2. Make an offer on your preferred home and upload all required documents
  3. You consent to take a credit check and execute an identity check. Within 24 hours you will receive the outcome, a positive result leads you on to the next step
  4. You will receive an email with the rental contract, which you sign digitally
  5. After transferring the down payment and the first month’s rent you will receive a message to check-in. Now you can enjoy your new home!
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