Our mission

We are on a mission to bring the needs of landlords and renters together. We provide both parties with the right information, at any given moment, and from any desired location.

With decades of experience in real estate and the home rental market, we know all developments. We keep following the trends closely and see the need for a clear, simplified rental process with both renters and proprietors. We consult both parties at any desired moment.

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Whether you want to rent a home or enlist a home you own for rental, The Dutch Realty Agency is the right place for you. Contact us right now to discuss your requirements.

What does The Dutch Realty Agency do?

Although home rental in itself is nothing new, our unique approach is perceived as refreshingly new. Not only does The Dutch Realty Agency make the process future-proof and easier to understand, but also more transparent for both tenants and landlords.

We make home rental as we know it so much faster and more efficient, to the extent that we create room for reducing the brokerage, which means a much more valuable investment for you as our customer.

Whether you want to rent a home or rent out a home you own, The Dutch Realty Agency is the right place for you. We provide the best solutions in The Netherlands for you.

There’s no place like home

A home must suit you, you want to feel at home right away. It is therefore extremely important that a landlord listens to the wishes of the tenant and responds to them.

By using the correct layout, finish and color scheme, you can ensure that your home is chosen faster, simply because everything is right and the tenant feels right at home.

As a landlord, you can expect honest and transparent advice from The Dutch Realty Agency. Together with a few good, reliable partners, we ensure that your home is rented out faster and for a better price than comparable homes on the market.

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